Tech Tips 2022: How to find your music budy with makromusic and Spotify

Tech Tip 2022: How to find your music budy with Makromusic and Spotify

As we grow older a lot of things starts to change. Our feelings grow , we become more sensitive emotionally and this time starts from teenage to youth . Liking someone, it’s just an everyday thing but finding someone your type and having your soulmate who you can date at the same time is not that easy . Some people try social media with some other people goes to dating apps. It works sometimes but not all the time , because finding our type is not easy . But imagine going through a app finding someone through music! yeah sounds interesting and it is.

We listen to Spotify all the time but have you ever imagined of finding someone doing that thing. yeah it’s easy and cool. Now imagine mixing Tinder and Spotify together. what will they give us ? yeah you got it right ‘makromusic’. This is a platform which will help individuals to find their better half through the taste of music.

We all have different kinds of music tastes, some people like pop while some other like rock while some other like R&B or some other country music and blah bluh. But we don’t know that because we can’t ask everyone individually. So this app will help you when you’re listening to music very easily. It will match you to someone who has a same kind of music taste or playlist preference, which will be done through Spotify or apple music and the corresponding partner that you will find will be called ‘music buddy’.

 makromusic and Spotify

Follow a few steps and find your music body with Macromusic and Spotify :

1. After logging in to our specified Spotify account the platform will request for authorization and once the permissions are granted and the account is set up you have to tap ‘quick match’ and makro music will automatically connect you to someone listening to the same music.

2. This is a very easy way to look for someone having the same music likings just as you do . But it doesn’t end here the user can choose a particular individual and start a conversation with them if they want to. If they don’t want to continue with a friendship the user can swip left and if he wants to continue then he can swip right. Easy.

 makromusic and Spotify

3. But if someone doesn’t want to choose quick match option they can simply opt for just listening to music and see how many people are listening to that at the same time. There is a feature as well where ‘most listening’ is shown and here you can see which songs are played most. There re podcasts as well so who don’t want to listen to music can opt for them too.

4. The pop up line of makromusic is ‘the social media of music’. Basically it is a dating app, but here also you can discover different kind of music genres through your friends or connections as well. And it is to be mentioned that this is just in the building process so in the future we can expect a lot more from this. And users are really excited to try something new too. So let’s tune in.

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