The Cathedral Movie Review: The Boy and His Artistic Approach Towards Life

The Cathedral is a periodic drama put nicely by Ricky D’Ambrose. He is a New York-based filmmaker. D’Ambrose mostly deals with independent film and The Cathedral is his 2nd movie while the first one is a short film named Notes on an Appearance.

Ricky from his first film succeeded to get his distinct identity and his new release is no different. The Cathedral couldn’t manage funds from any big production. But is made on the grant from Venice Biennale’s College Cinema program.

However, the movie succeeds to pull the audience. The movie applauds for its distinctly and artistic approach.


The Cathedral revolves around a young boy. This is a drama where D’Ambrose depicts the life of a boy from his birth in 1987. The strategy and conflict around Jessy and his aesthetic journey give the audience an emotional ride throughout the movie.

The creator put forward a positive approach to life. Jessy set an example of being focused and making a living. The broken marriage of his parents, the family conflict, and deaths nothing could stop him. Rather he succeeds to find out his passion for photography.

This is a very sensitive and quality drama from the eyes of a young boy. Which makes the movie more appealing and makes it one of a kind.


The Cathedral is a must-watch. It already impresses the audience through flowless cinematography. D’Ambrose put special effort into the voice-over narration and it works also.

Apart from the technicality, the story has a great impact. It’ll make the audience emotional and at the same time will give a positive approach.

What are you waiting for? Plan for The Cathedral now!

Director- Ricky D’Ambrose
Writer- Ricky D’Ambrose
Stars- Monica Barbaro, Brian d’Arcy James, Geraldine Singer, Cynthia Mace, Robert Levey II
Duration- 1h 27m
Genre- Drama

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