The Good Nurse: Everything About The Netflix Movie

Netflix is all set to release the thriller The Good Nurse. The movie is based on a true story of a serial killer. Charles Cullen, a nurse who admitted to killing 40+ patients. And maybe more than that off record.

The movie trailers are up for the viewers. And no doubt both the trailers are chilling and full of thrills. The movie is based on the book The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder by Charles Graeber in 2013.

Danish filmmaker Tobias Lindholm jump up the movie and is all set to release a thrilling piece this year. Lindholm, the director told in an interview that it is not like the other thrillers on Netflix. The plot is based on a true story and is a fault of a whole system that made that happen.


The story starts with a suspicious fellow nurse who doubts the intention of Charles. Post some mysterious death of the patients in the Hospital Amy wanted to reveal the truth. She took the risk and even for sake of her life she decided to bring the truth to light.

In the recent trailer, it showed that the hospital authority asked Amy to check some patients’ files. Checking up on that Amy’s doubt grows stronger and she wanted to go deep on this matter.

It was reported in the file that a patient named Ana Martinez had a strange level of insulin in her blood while dying. And then she discovered some more cases similar to that.

Also, she discovered that Charles has changed nine hospitals till then. The story is about whether Amy could stop Charles to move on to the next hospital.

The Good Nurse Cust

Eddie Redmayne is portraying Charles Cullen in the movie. And fellow nurse Amy is played by Jessica Chastain. Amy Loughren, who is a single mother in the movie will take the mask out of Charles.

Release Date

The Good Nurse will premiere on 19th October this year. Netflix subscribers will be able to watch this movie 26th onwards. Before the theater release, the thriller will screen at Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Also, it will screen at BFI London Film Festival 2022 on 10th October.

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