The Nun 2 Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Want to Know About

Before going deep into The Nun 2 movie release date, let’s discuss the movie sequels. So, The movie is the installment of The Conjuring Universe. It started with Conjuring where the plot is revolving around a nun named Irene. Also, Valak, is the heart of the movie sequels.

After having so many successful sequels The Conjuring universe is all ready to land with their next, The Nun 2. Exciting right? Yes, Nun 2 is coming this time with a bang as always and there’ll be more twists and plots this time as reported.

Plot: The Nun 2

The Nun 2 will come with the main characters like Irene and Valak as the focus. And there is a possibility of including some new characters. It is going to be fun to watch with the new plots and twists.

The Nun 2 Movie Release Date
The Nun 2

Reports suggest that in The Nun 2 this time Irene is going to face the demon, Valak once again. And it is not going to be a casual face-off. The sequel is going to be more chilling and scary. So if you are gearing up for the movie, gear up for the thrill and chill as well.


As of now, Bonnie Aarons is confirmed for The Nun 2. He was there in The Conjuring 2 as always as Valak in 2016. Also, he appeared for a cameo in Annabelle in 2017. Seems like Aarons is in love with the demon character and is not ready to miss out to play the role for once.

Moreover, he did justify the role of a demon. And the movie lovers expect him as the scariest demon ever.


Taissa Farmiga however has not confirmed her role for Irene. She informed a daily that the producers offered her the role in the movie. But she couldn’t confirm it yet for other commitments. If she can’t confirm it in a few days, then the producer might take a new face for the sole role of The Nun 2. Let’s hope for the best!

The Nun 2 Movie Release Date

The Movie release date is somewhat confirmed. And if everything goes well it might be released on 8th September 2023. The Conjuring Universe lovers can tighten their seat belts for a grand The Nun 2 Movie release.


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