The Rings of Power Episode 9 Review

The Rings of Power Episode 9
Excitement about new show and new episodes of a tv series is very normal amongst the fans and specially when the show is very popular. They eagerly wait for new episodes and want to see how the story revolves.

This show already contains a lot of suspenses that the fans must need to clear out. So today we will see if there is any possibility of episode 9 of the popular show The Lord of the Rings the Rings of power which is being aired on Amazon Prime Video. The previous episodes have been mesmerizingly suspenseful and appealing suspensef.In the last episode that is episode 8 The Identity of Sauron was released and the stranger was suspected to be a familiar Identity.

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Throughout all the 8 episodes there has been a lot of drama and visual amazement but when it comes to this TV show fans always expect a lot more than usual and their is no exception for this. Season 8 has passed some possibility about how there could be a successoion of the said show. The first two episode of the series were launched on September 2 and then the next episodes were broadcasted on every Friday.

The last and final episode was aired on October 14 and the next Friday is about to come,so what then? will we get to see the next episode or just to wait for the next season ?

The Rings of Power

The story line somehow ended like this that the stranger fought back against the mystic and was finally revealed to be a wizard which we have already encountered . Halbrand went to Eregion after he was confronted by Gabriel. So what’s next?
But after collecting information from various sources several media outlets has almost confirmed that this season will not be moving forward with another episode that is the 8th episode .

That is the last episode was the final episode of this season so there will be no episode 9.But we need not worry because Amazon Prime has planned to move forward with his show with 5 more season which is huge .

So even though this season there is only 8 episode we can expect a lot more exciting things to come in the next chapter.

So friend must be very excited about that but have to wait a more to watch them.

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