The School For Good & Evil Trailer: And Epic Fantasy!

The School for Good & Evil is out and fans got all excited. The trailer gives some little more inside to the story of the epic story. Though it did not disclose a lot in the trailer fans are assuming that it is going to be a great shot.

In The School for Good & Evil trailer, we see Professor Dovey and Lady Lesso train the Good and the Evil. The story is about power and how can good overpower evil at the end of the day.

The School for Good & Evil Plot

In The School for Good & Evil trailer, we also see the battle between two best friends. Sophie and Agatha’s face battle is the main attraction in The School for Good & Evil trailer. The trailer starts with a dialogue where Sophie tells Agatha about her desires. That this is the place she always wanted to be and also that she can’t settle for less.

Sophie is in the school of Evil to get power. And she further added that she will not only be the fairest but the strongest of all. She is very much into the evil culture and she desires to be the strongest evil.

On the other hand, Agatha has already been warned that if Sophie gets the power none of the goods will survive. So it is a very tough battle for Agatha to keep Sophie away from the evil power.

Where Sophie is completely enjoying her new self Agatha will have a tough time, saving Sophie from the evil deeds. Two of the best friends will fight the opposite but they’ll regain themselves together in the end.

The Release Date

Paul Feig directed the movie. And is taken from a series The School For Good & Evil by Soman Chainani. It is an internationally best-selling series and director Paul Feig gives the movie the justice it required.

The School for Good & Evil trailer is out now and the movie is all set to hit the cinemas on the 19th of October.

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