The Wedding Hustler (2023): Cast, Plot & Everything Else We Should Know

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The Wedding Hustler (2023): Cast, Plot & Everything Else We Should Know- During the Pandemic of COVID-19, the world lost its regular functioning. All the industries and occupations in the world came to a pause for a while. Everyone suffers from the period of Pandemic. Not only materialistic life but the personal life of many people also got disturbed by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many important occasions were postponed in that crucial period of the world.

One of the most important occasions in human life is a wedding. Many weddings were canceled or postponed because of the Virus. The upcoming movie The Wedding Hustler explores the story of a couple whose wedding was postponed by the Pandemic and also explores how they feel about that. The movie ‘The Wedding Hustler’ is directed by Chris Soriano. Kane Lim, Hillary Manalac, Luis Jorge Rios, and Chris Soriano produced the film.The screenplay of the movie was done by Chris Soriano. The in-charge of Cinematography is Tim Banks.

The genre of this film is Romantic Comedy. The running time of the film is one hour thirty-four minutes. The film is about a groom who wishes to surprise her fiancé by arranging a perfect wedding.

Release Date of the film ‘The Wedding Hustler’The Wedding Hustler

‘The Wedding Hustler’ is scheduled to release on February 10, 2023, in the United States. The film is going to have its premiere on the platform Amazon Prime Video.

The Cast of the film ‘The Wedding:

  1. Hustler’Christine Chang plays the role of The Wedding Planner
  2. Chris Soriano plays the role of Chris
  3. Hillary Manalac portrays the role of Hillary
  4. Kane Lim (Netflix’s Bling Empire fame) plays the role of Cam, the wedding planner’s Assistant

The plot of the film ‘The Wedding Hustler’The Wedding Hustler: Review

The story of film is about a Filipino couple whose wedding got rescheduled because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Christine Chang is an Asian American wedding planner who decides to help the groom by arranging a perfect wedding for a couple. She is good at bargaining and full of high caliber. After the wedding got rescheduled three times, the couple got devastated.

To make his fiancé happy, the groom decides to plan a surprise for her. With the help of a wedding planner, he decides to surprise his fiancé by arranging a wedding for them. But, due to COVID-19, Pandemic he barely had any money. So the groom and the wedding planner decide to go shopping in the streets of Los Angeles to buy things for the wedding.

By navigating through the street vendors, the groom gets the best things oh his fiancé wishes for their wedding.

About the Trailer of the film ‘The Wedding Hustler’

From the trailer, we can see that the fashion queen and the actress Heart Evangelista did a cameo in the film. In season three of Bling Empire, the actress did a cameo. In that reality show, when Heart visits his house, he offered Filipino food to her. After that Heart appears in the film as Kane Lim’s character Cam’s friend. In that trailer Heart and Kane had a video call conversation with each other. During the conversation, Cam told her that he was confused about the relationship between Chris and Hillary. 

Heart replies to him by saying that you know what Love is love and also added that if they love each other, then they will go to work it out. The trailer had a clip of Heart giving a piece of relationship advice.

About the film ‘The Wedding Hustler’

The writer and director of the film Chris Soriano said in an interview that he got the idea for the film from the actual wedding preparation of Chris and his fiancé Hillary. He also placed his wedding in this film. He also added that he feels great watching Asian actors on the big screen.  

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