In recent years tik to spread virally around the world, the app boasts of producing dynamic content in various forms of entertainment trends short videos, dances, gaming advice etc. its content is easy to generate by uploading small videos with some captions. Everyone can be famous in a second here we will introduce the top 10 Tik Tok Stars that will inspire you in 2022.

1.Charli D’ Amelio:

Top 10 tik tok stars in world 2022

Charlie is the tik tok superstar in the world. Previously she was a dancer who was good at several dance moves, and her reputation on the platform grew so fast from 2019 to 2020. Charlie considers herself a generalist to gain more fame. Her voice has also been valuable in animated films where she gets recognised by animation enthusiasts by children. Moreover, she still intends to achieve international stardom by starring with her family in the Hulu show and becoming the ambassador of Louis Vuitton.

2.Khaby Lame:

Top 10 Tik tok stars in world 2022

Khabar lame is the second most followed tik toker in 2021 known for his life hack videos on tik tok. This 21-year-old Italian boy was a factory worker before he got famous during the early coronavirus pandemic. He lost his job and started to post videos on tik tok in march 2020. His success comes from the form of Tik Tok’s duet and stitches features to videos depicting overly complicated life hacks in which he performs the same task but simple without saying anything. He has even done collaborations with some celebrities like Naomi Campbell and the great Sundberg.

3. Bella Poarch:

Top 10 tik tok stars in world 2022

Her fame spread in August 2020 when her video went viral on the internet. She’s ranked in the third position in terms of having the number of followers. She produces enormous content centered on entertainment gaming, singing and dance challenges. Her videos are always interesting things that make her followers keep increasing. Bella has been famous for having a lot of controversies about her identity. So many people are enthusiastic about her reel name, age and past life in the United States navy but she never reveals more about herself. She started her music career by participating in a singing competition in Louisiana later Angeles and decided to pursue a career in social media.

4. Addison Rae:

 Top 10 Tik tok stars 2022

Addison comes in the 3rd position in the ranking of famous tik tok stars. She was born on October 6, 2000. Her videos are famous for merchandise sales, sponsorships and production deals. she is also a successful YouTuber.

5. Zach king:

Top 10 Tik tok stars 2022

Zach is a genius who is good at making magic videos by illusion. He recognised the potential of tik tok in the early years. He saw it as a big opportunity to show his skills to the works through the tik tok, one of his most liked video features, riding on a broomstick.

6. Will Smith:

Top 10 Tik Tok Star 2022

Will Smith is the most famous tik to star globally for his moving acting career. However, he believed that he would not be limited by only being featured in movies. That’s when he started creating short videos with tremendous themes and uploading them online. His videos depict a wide range of information on various aspects of life.

7.Dixie D’amelio:

Top 10 Tik Tok Stars 2022

She is well known as Charlie’s sister at first however she extended her profession out of tik tok by singing hit songs her songs focus on various life themes such as happiness.

8. Michael Le:

Top 10 Tik Tok Stars 2022

Many know him by his username just mico. He performs in dancing avenues where he also gets a chance to teach people his dancing moves as he practices with his brother additionally.

9. Riyaz Aly:

Top 10 Tik Tok Stars 2022

Riaz Aly is also a famous tik toker in the world ranking. He is famous for the lip-sync videos on tik tok. Now he has more than 26 million followers on tik tok account.

10. Loren Gray:

Top 10 Tik Tok stars 2022

Loren Gray Beech is known as an American social media personality and singer from Pottstown, Pennsylvania.Net worth of Loren Gray is $19 million US dollars .Loren gray is one of the most followers star on tik tok.

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