Top 5 Best Sites to Sell Online: Just About Anything

Top 5 Best Sites to Sell Online: Just About Anything 

Sale! Sale! Sale! How many times have you heard these slogans plastered in front of many shops, selling various items, to attract customers? With the Internet bubble bursting in 2000, many things went up on it. Including shopping. The same things went on to happen online, giving rise to platforms to sell, just about anything. Clothes, commodities and daily essentials, eatables, gifts, books, home appliances, décor, furniture, entertainment devices, and everything else.

Now the deal was, who sold these cheaper, hence driving them towards popularity. And so rose the competition between these e-commerce platforms. Here, we have compiled a list for you, of the top five e-commerce websites to buy and sell just about anything. Let’s dive in –

Top 5 Best Sites to Sell online

1. Amazon:

Amazon is easily one of the most ginormous platforms to buy or sell anything. Retailers rely on Amazon to expand their businesses beyond local reach. As for the common consumer, it is very user-friendly and he/she is easily able to compare the prices from different sellers for the same items. Some main features include Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), Inventory Management, and more. It also has two pricing plans for sellers – Individual and Professional.

The previous plan allows you to add products to your directory, and the latter allows you to add items in bulk, taking advantage of Amazon’s API, advertising and promoting tools, etc for $0.99 per item and $39.99 per month irrespective of the volume of items sold.


eBay is a multi-national American e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California, founded in 1995. It owes its popularity to the Internet bubble. It was originally named as AuctionWeb. People know that it is the place to buy all kinds of products, new or old, standard or quirky. It has over 159 million buyers and 19 million sellers raking up its reputation and authenticity.

It offers multiple payment methods such as cash-on-delivery, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, credit/debit, etc. Free listings are another boon for sellers, up to 250 items. Local pickup and drop ease the logistic problems. It too offers two selling points – Individual or as an eBay store owner. Its often better to opt for the second option in the long run, which provides 4 sub-plans with different features according to necessity:

(a) Starter ($4.95 per month)

(b) Basic ($21.95 per month)

(c) Premium ($59.95 per month)

(d) Anchor ($299.95 per month)

Top 5 Best Sites to Sell Online

3. Craigslist:

Craigslist is again an American classifieds advertisements website with dedicated sectors for jobs, housing, services, gigs, etc. It was founded by Craig Newmark in 1995, about 27 years ago. The site serves more than 500 million page views per month. Yes, you heard it right! Half a billion. It is ranked 72nd on the overall most visited websites worldwide. Sadly though, one cannot post a job for free. Hiring people through Craigslist will cost about $10 to $75 more or less depending on the location and the type of job.

4. Etsy

Etsy (founded in 2005) is a fairly new place for the sale of many articles, mainly focused on handicrafts, vintage items, and craft supplies. Although new, it hasn’t hindered the website to mint some great numbers. As on 31st December 2021, it had over 125 million items in its marketplace. The total sales of Etsy are about USD 13.5 billion dollars.

It collects revenue by offering some great features such as payment processing, ‘Promoted Listings’, advertising credits, promotional tools, a customizable Etsy store (templates for posters, features listings), etc. Again, similar to its competitors, it has two pricing plans:

(a). Standard (zero monthly fees but you will have to pay $0.20 per item listed, standard PayPal registration & set-up fee, and the minimum transaction fee)

(b). Plus ($10 monthly fee with custom domains, Etsy ads, discounts, etc)

5. Bonanza:

Bonanza is an upcoming tough rival to eBay, which was clear when it was voted as the #1 alternative to eBay. Sources and surveys indicate that it has surpassed even Amazon in consumer satisfaction. Founded in 2008, it offers a wide variety of fashion choices, collectibles, home décor, digital products, books, accessories & other merch.

Some of the top features are a webstore, inventory sync, ads, batch editor, etc. Individually, you can easily make a listing on Bonanza for free and pay a small margin once the sale is made. But for business owners, it has three cost plans, for their usage and productivity, namely:

(a). Gold ($25, monthly billed)

(b). Platinum ($55, monthly billed)

(c). Titan ($167, monthly billed)


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