Top 5 Instagram Reels Content Ideas – Content For Instagram Reels 2022

Top 5 Instagram Reels Content Ideas For Coaches

Are you a coach? Health coach? Business coach? Life coach? Well then may be you have dabbled in Instagram to grow your coaching business. And maybe you have seen these 15 second videos that are helping coaches in your space go viral.These videos are called Reels. And if you’ve ever wanted to create a Reel for your coaching business, you’re in the right place.Because in this post, I’m walking you through Reel ideas that you can use to grow your coaching business on Instagram. And hey, you might actually have fun creating these Reels. So be sure to stay until the end where I’m going to share with you a Reel that doesn’t require dancing and you could do it in just one take.

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The first Reel idea I have is for you to share your journey of how you became the coach that you are today. So this could be your before and where you are today. The key is to share your journey in just 15 seconds. If you’re wondering what this looks like, don’t worry. I’ve got a couple of examples for you. and it went like.

instagram reel ideas for fitness 

The second Reel idea is for you to share a tip that teaches your audience how to reframe their negative thoughts or their mindset when it comes to an area in your industry or niche. Check out these examples from coaches Megan Minns, who shares her morning mindset routine, and Beverly Cheng who sharesher fitness mindset tips. If these examples are firing you up and inspiring you to create a Reel, why not create a Reel right now? Because the things that I’m sharing with you in this post have worked for my students before, like Lace, who is a coach, and she’s been able to increase here engagement on Instagram by following my article posting strategy.

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Let’s move on to the third Reel idea for your coaching business. And this one is for you to teach your clients how to set boundaries or how to avoid people in their life who suck their energy. Check out how coaches Vivian and Sah share this with their followers, but they’ve adapted their tip to be specific to their audience and niche. How to say no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,no, no to the no, no.

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The fourth Reel idea for your coaching business is for you to share with your audience how they can regain motivation when they feel like they’ve lost it. Check out how coaches Amanda and Alicia inspire their audiences to feel that motivation once again.

The fifth and last Reel idea I have for your coaching business, which doesn’t involve dancing and you could do it in one take, is this share with your audience three ways that they can improve their health, their wealth, their relationships – whatever’s most applicable to your niche – without even paying a cent. With this type of Reel, you can simply speak to camera just like this and share your three tips that way. Or you can choose music and point around your screen and add text onto your screen for people to read. So to see what I mean, check out these examples. Three game-changing sentence structures for your relationships. One, the story I’m telling myself is… Two, I feel… Three, I need. There you have it. Five Reel ideas so that you can grow your coaching business.

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