Top 5 Movies on Artificial Intelligence

Top 5 Movies on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence commonly known as AI. Artificial Intelligence means programs are set in such a way into machines so that the machines can start thinking like human beings. The machines not only start thinking about human they also start mimic the actions of humans also. An AI can solve problems, question answers, etc. like humans. Now days AI is becoming very important to do any kind of tasks. Some many companies or organizations in the world use AI for doing any tasks. AI work much faster than human and pressure of work is also decrease from humans.

The concept of AI was invented by John McCarthy in the year of 1956. Recently so many movies about AI are also produced because of huge demands of AI into the world. These movies describe about why AI is necessary, how AI help us, how to create AI and much more. So, todays topic of discussions is top 5 movies on Artificial Intelligence.

Here is the top list of top five movies on Artificial Intelligence-: There are many movies about AI in the film industry but the top five movies of all time are-:

1.Tron (2010)-: It is the best AI movie of all time. The film was released on 17th December 2010.

5 Best Movies on Artificial intelligence

The film was directed by Joseph Kosinski. The movie contains the story of a father and his son. Sam is a virtual world designer, he miss his father a lot and he got into a virtual space that virtual space is much more threatening than his father think. After got into the vistual space both he and his father started their journey of life and death.

2.The Matrix (1999)-: The Matrix is one the most popular movies about AI.

 Top 5 Movies on Artificial intelligence

The film was released in the year of 1999 on 24th March. The Wachowskis is the director of the movie. Kean Reeves played the leading role in the film. The concept of the movie is- Thomas Anderson is a computer programmer, he conducted an underground battle against many powerful computers. In this film he had set up the entire reality about the system that includes how AI work, how use AI, how to build an AI and more.

3.Her (2014) -: It is the second-best AI movie in the world.

Top 5 Movies on Artificial intelligence

The movie was released back in the year of 2014 on 14th February. The director of the movie is Spike Jonze. The leading character of the movie is played by Joaquin Phoenix. His character name is Theodore. It is a very fascinating AI movie. The story tells us Theodore Twombly is a writer, he is very shy. He bought an AI to help him in writing. But later he came to know about the ability of the AI he falls in love with the AI.

4.Ex Machina (2015) -: It is the third best AI movie.

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It was released back in the year 2015 on 21st January. The director and the hero of the movie is Alex Garland and Domhnall Gleeson. Caleb Smith (Domhnall) he is junior programmer, oncehe got the chance to be a part of a strange scientific experiment. There he excepted, of getting access of AI with his female robot partner. The whole story is about him and the female robot.

5. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)-: This is the fifth best AI movie.

Top 5 Beta movies on. artificial intelligence

It is a US based AI movie that was released in 2001 on 29th June. The movie was directed by Steven Spielberg. The leading character David is a very advance robotic boy. The story tells David the robotic wanted to be a human child so that he can get his foster mother love back who forlorn him.

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