Top best OTT Series in November 2022:here is our list of heartwarming dramas to watch

Top best OTT Series in November 2022:here is our list of heartwarming dramas to watch- Everyone needs a warm companion in this bone chilling cold winter but, it doesn’t need to be a your dog necessarily, it can also be a feel good show which can bring warmth to your heart and make you happy. So, here is our list of heartwarming dramas to watch with a hot cup of coffee from the comfort of your living room.

1. The Good Doctor

The good doctor is an American tv show which is being telecasted on ABC network since 2017. The series is about Shaun Murphy, an autistic doctor with savant syndrome who is working as a surgical resident at St.Bounaventure hospital in San Jose.  The plot revolves around how Murphy proves himself to be a good doctor despite being discriminated by his co-workers and boss for being autistic. This series also sheds light on challenges faced by autistic people in perceiving emotions and maneuvering through day to day life.

Top Best OTT Series Release November 2022

Seasons : 6

Ott Streaming : The series is streaming on Netflix, Prime video and Sonyliv.

2. Something in the rain

Something in the rain is a K-drama starring Jung hae-in and Son ye-Jin in the main cast. The drama follows Yoon jin-ah(Son ye-jin), a 35 year old career women who recently broke up with her boyfriend and is reunited with Seo joon-hee(jung hae-in), younger brother of her bestfriend who is back from the states after 3 years, the plot takes a turn when this reunion turns into a romance. The series sheds light on how women in their 30s face pressure from the society to get married regardless of their opinions and unrealistic expectations that parents  impose on their children even in their late age.

Seasons : 1

Ott streaming : Netflix

pic credit : Netflix

3. The Good Place

The Good Place is a Netflix series which revolves around a deceased sales women who lived a morally corrupt life and and finds herself in a after life which is completely opposite due to a mistaken identity. As the series progresses she tries to hide her true identity and her past in order to stay there.

Best OTT series release November 2022

The series stars D’archy caden(janet della), Ted Danson(Michael), William Jackson Harper(chidi) and Kristian bell(Eleanor).

Seasons : 4

Ott Streaming : Netflix


4. Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is a feel good and nostalgic k-drama starring Kim hyeri and Park bogum as the main leads. The drama follows five families living in ssangmundong in 1988 seoul. The plot revolves around how these families overcome their difficulties in life while relying on each other in hard times. This series provides much needed comfort and a whole lot of nostalgia for those who are seeking it.

Top best OTT Series in November 2022

Seasons : 1

Ott streaming : Netflix, Prime video

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