Telugu Movie ‘Urvasiro Rakshasivo’ 2022 Review: Allu Sirish and Anu Emmanuel Best Romantic Movie

Telugu movie ‘Urvasiro Rakshasivo’ 2022 Review-In the era of live-in together culture, the film ‘Urvasiro Rakshasivo’ explores the life of a simple Software Engineer who is trapped between his family and girlfriend. I know, I Know. I can hear your thoughts.

Did you hear the story somewhere right? Yes, you are right.’Urvasiro Rakshasivo’ is the remake of the Tamil film Pyaar Prema Kadhal. Rakesh Sashii wrote the script and directed the Telugu romantic comedy film ‘Urvasiro Rakshasivo’. Shri Thirmala Production and GA2 Pictures produced the film.Achu Rajamani and Anup Ruben composed the music. Karthika Srinivas edited the film and Tanveer Mir did the Cinematography. The film hit the screen theatrically on November 4, 2022.

‘Urvasiro Raksha-sivo’ Overview

 Movie Title  Urvasiro Rakshasivo
 Release Date  4 Nov 2022
Produced by Shri Thirmala Production and GA2 Pictures
Directed by Rakesh Sashii
Cast Allu Sirish and Anu Emmanuel
Language Telugu
Review 8.4/10⭐⭐⭐⭐

 ‘Urvasiro Rakshasivo’ Cast

The male lead (Sree Kumar) was played by Allu Sirish. The female lead (Sindhuja) was done by Anu Emmanuel. Sunil as Sree’s Nephew, Aamani as (Sree Kumar’s mother), Kedar Shankar as (Sree Kumar’s father), Posani Krishna Murali, Vellani Kishore, and Anish Kuruvilla.

 'Urvasiro Rakshasivo'

Story of the film ‘Urvasiro Rakshasivo’

Sree Kumar is a simple boy, who works as a Software Engineer. He had a belief in family values and respected his parents. His mother (Aamani) has a heart condition and is very close to him. Meanwhile, on the other side, Sindhuja aka Siri is an independent and ultra-model girl. She belongs to an upper-class family and was like my life my rules type of girl.Sree had a crush on Siri who is working in the office located opposite Sree’s office. Somehow Siri joined Sree’s office and worked together in an IT company. Sree tries many ways to get attention of Siri. Later Siri started to like Sree.

Then they became a couple and dive into a casual relationship. Sometime later, one day both of them had a physical relationship which was initiated by Siri. As a boy with traditional values, Sree proposes to Siri to marry him. But the answer from Siri brings an earthquake to Sree. She told him that she doesn’t want to indulge in a serious relationship because it will affect her future dreams.

So Sree shames Siri in front of everyone in the office. But Siri never minds him. After realizing his mistake he went back to Siri. Then she proposes to him to have a live-in relationship with her. Without any other choice, Sree accepts the proposal of Siri. Then they start their new life as a couple.

But Sree decides to make it secret from his family. Can Sree manage both his family and girlfriend at the same time? That is what the remaining story follows.

 'Urvasiro Rakshasivo'

Review of the film ‘Urvasiro Rakshasivo’

‘Urvasiro Rashasivo’ has lots of liplocks and sexually explicit scenes. The film funnily explores office romance. Though it is fun Sirish made it realistically. Sree who tries to get the attention of Sindhuja and the efforts put by him brings a smile to the corner of our lips. Sree’s struggles of traveling back and forth from both of his houses are hilarious.


The balance of managing his mother and girlfriend is shown realistically. Anu Emmanuel did justice to her role Sindhuja. She acted naturally in the role of an independent, and modern girl. When Sree shames Siri in front of everyone for not marrying him after his proposal, she just doesn’t care about others’ opinions in the office and continues her work.

The portrayal of the bold character Sidhuja was beautifully done by Anu Emmanuel. Sunil and Vennela Kishore did their part well in a comedic way. Allu Sirish lived as Sree in the film. His acting as Sree is just impressive. The mother sentiment in the film lacks its essence, but Aamani has done a great job as Sree’s mother. The film Urvasiro Rakshasivo is a mix of love, romance, sentiment, and comedy elements.

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