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“Violent Night” (2022): Review In US- An alternative to the standard Christmas movie is Violent Night.Because of the funny scenes and graphic violence, this is not the kind of movie you should watch with your family during the holidays. It features John Leguizamo, Alex Hassell, and David Harbour as Santa Claus. On December 2, 2022, the movie opens in theatres across the US.

“Violent Night” Storyline  : 

The intriguing premise is only partially utilized in the movie.In the movie’s opening scene, David Harbour plays a drunken Santa who laments how commercialized Christmas has become.This carries us to Trudy, a small kid who wants the compromise of her alienated guardians.These days, thoughtful gifts are no longer desired.They go for a brief time to visit the father’s extended family for Christmas.The beginning of the film is enjoyable, if a little candy-cane-like, but once the violence starts, the film veers wildly between sadness and sweetness to the point where our overindulged Santa would pass out.The man can also vomit, as we saw at the beginning.Violent Night

However, surely we can assist this generous family, correct?Exactly not.I assumed that Trudy and her father were going to a country club when they arrived to meet the rest of the family.In reality, it is the size of a family home comparable to the Overlook Hotel.The large staff, which includes caterers, security, and concierges, does not evoke a home until you realize that this family is simply outrageously wealthy.Additionally, they are abominably profane.

The audience’s enthusiasm for the protagonists and hostility toward the antagonists are crucial to the success of a violent action film.Die Hard and Violent Night are similar in that both feature a single protagonist fighting against all odds and ruthless terrorists as the antagonists.He feels outmatched when Santa is given an explanation for his ability to fight so effectively.I would have preferred a bad Santa or one whose backstory made you laugh out loud.

Violent Night” uses a variety of methods, like the one above, to eat its Christmas cookies.Most of them are the result of the movie’s struggle to decide whether to take its concept seriously or make fun of it.Even though there are some hilarious one-liners in Violent Night, it strangely avoids making fun of Christmas jokes.Additionally, Dead Snow 2, which features numerous instances of “I can’t believe they went there,” was directed by Tommy Wirkola.Even though Violent Night occasionally errs on the side of propriety, it always remembers that it is a holiday movie.

 Fans Review In US :

"Violent Night" 2022: Preview

  • The holiday comedy VIOLENT NIGHT, which is bloody, violent, and hilarious.David Harbour plays Santa Clause, who eats candy, drinks, uses a hammer to break bones, and kills his enemies (led by a mean John Leguizamo) on Christmas Eve.It’s just as absurd as it sounds.Some funny and creative kills didn’t convince me as much as the New York Comic Con crowd did.
  • Although the concept of the movie  is intriguing and contains all of the necessary elements for success, I discovered that it frequently failed.In addition, the entire subgenre of “naughty Santa” receives nothing new from it.David Harbour’s cheery red man is good, but the movie didn’t really keep my attention.All I want is for it to be smarter than it already is.
  • Rough Night lives up to its name in every way.I won’t be able to stop thinking about three specific things for the rest of my life.As the Jolly Ol’ Man, David Harbour dominates the competition.He is having the time of his life, John Leguizamo.It’s a wonderful, gory, funny, and beautiful time.
  • “Violent Night” goes full Fangoria and justly merits its 9 rating.Beverly D’Angelo plays the matriarch with a lot of fun and uses words that would make David Mamet cringe.David Harbour’s best work is here.

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