Warrior Nun 3: Release Date, Cast, Story & Everything Else We Should Know

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Warrior Nun 3: Release Date, Cast, Story & Everything Else We Should Know-The Warrior Nuns will be going to return on Netflix to save Earth from the demons. Yes, you guessed it right. Warrior Nun will be going to stream its next season Warrior Nun 3. The first two seasons were praised by the audience. The audience felt distressed at the end of season 2 because season 2 ended with cliffhangers without any revelation just like season one.

But all the distress was gone after the announcement of the existence of Warrior Nun Season 3.Warrior Nun is the film adaption of the novel Warrior Nun Areala by Ben Dunn. Simon Barry developed the story of the series from the book.

Both the previous seasons jointly consist of eighteen episodes. Each episode runs between 37-50 minutes. The first season premiered on July 2, 2020, and the second season premiered on November 10, 2022, on the Netflix platform.   

Release Date of the Warrior Nun 3

Though the second season was streamed in November 2022, it is expected to be Season 3 will release in the year 2024. The audience has to wait for more than a year to watch the actions of Ava the last Warrior Nun.Warrior Nun 3

The Casts of Warrior Nun Season 3

Season 2 ended with cliffhangers so the same characters and casts from the previous season will also appear in season 3.

  1. Alba Baptista plays the role of Ava Silva
  2. The role of Jillian Salvius was played by Thekla Reuten
  3. Toya Turner portrays the role of Sister Mary aka Shotgun Mary
  4. Lorena Andrea plays the role of Sister Lilith
  5. William Miller portrays the role of Adriel
  6. Tristan Ulloa plays the role of Father Vincent
  7. Kristina Tonteri-Young plays the role of Sister Beatrice
  8.  Olivia Delcan plays the role of Sister Camila.

The storyline of Warrior Nun Season 3

In season one as an orphan, Ava Silva is brought to a secret group of Nuns who fight against demons and dark powers to save Earth. She came to know that she possess supernatural powers in herself. Season one explores how Ava tries to release an angel Adriel who was locked in prison for more than a thousand years.

At the end of season one, the show reveals the shocking truth that Adriel is a demon but not an angel.Warrior Nun 3Though the first season ended with a cliffhanger season two explained the cliffhangers of season one. In season two the nuns fight against Adriel’s demonic powers and try to stop him. Season two also ended with a cliffhanger, it is expected that season 3 will reveal them.

As a last warrior nun season, three will focus on the story of Ava. With her fellow nuns, Ava tries to take down Adriel in season three. It is difficult to find the plot of season three because we couldn’t guess what is in the mind of the creator of the series. But in an interview, the creator of the series Barry gave us a hint that season three will focus on the relationship between Ava and Beatrice.

He says that as Beatrice reveals herself as gay there might be something will bloom between Ava and Beatrice. He even added that they don’t want to ruin the relationship between Ava and Beatrice. So they decide to take it slow and do not want to portray themselves irresponsibly. As for Ava, they decide to continue the journey of her life. He even says that one’s life will not be defined within a single scene.

He added that they are exploring more characters in the series. As for season three, fans have to bear their curiosity on the season two cliffhanger.  But it is worth waiting for a mind-blowing fantasy story like Warrior Nun.  

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