Today, I signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law — one of the most significant laws in recent history. 

With this law, the American people won and special interests lost.  

The Inflation Reduction Act does so many things that so many of us have fought to make happen for years and years. 

There are three things everyone should know about the Inflation Reduction Act. First, we are lowering costs for working families.

We are giving Medicare the power to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices. 

Seniors will pay less for their prescription drugs. The law caps their prescription drug out-of-pocket costs at $2,000 a year  

no matter how many prescriptions they have. The big drug companies spent nearly $100 million to beat this law. We prevailed. 

The Inflation Reduction Act locks in place lower health care premiums for millions of families who get coverage under the Affordable Care Act. 

Thirteen million people will see average savings of $800 a year, in addition  

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