BERLIN (AP) — Munich’s beer-swilling Oktoberfest is in full swing but Germany’s most successful soccer club is in no mood to party.

Bayern Munich is in crisis after four consecutive Bundesliga games without a win.

They’ve all been evident at the club since Bavarian rival Augsburg defeated Julian Nagelsmann’s star-studded team 1-0 on Saturday.

There was muted enthusiasm from the team and officials as they donned their traditional Bavarian outfits to visit the Oktoberfest on Sunday

The 10-time defending champions had started the season brilliantly,

clocking 15 goals and conceding just one in their opening three games for the best start any team has ever made to the Bundesliga.

Bayern hasn’t won since — being held to three consecutive draws by Borussia Mönchengladbach, Union Berlin and Stuttgart —

 before Saturday’s shock also brought an end to Bayern’s league-record of scoring in 87 consecutive games

 Leipzig was the last team to hold Bayern scoreless in the Bundesliga on Feb. 9, 2020.

“In the first three, four or five weeks we didn’t allow the opponents any chance,” Bayern midfielder Marcel Sabitzer said,