The America’s Got Talent Season 17 finals took place Tuesday,

 with some of the 11 contestants rising to the challenge — like Australian pole dancer/multimedia storyteller Kristy Sellars,

 whom judge Howie Mandel described as “perfection,” and Lebanese dance troupe me Mayyas, whom Howie said were “so great for women, female empowerment,

But it’s looking like all of those contestants could get upstaged and outranked by an augmented-reality gimmick contestant, 

 Two weeks ago, Simon Cowell hyperbolically declared MetaPhysic the greatest act in AGT history. Of course, Simon is probably biased,

since MetaPhysic have always made Simon — or at least a creepy cyborg Simon — part of their shtick

Later, a deepfake Howie and Terry Crews joined in for an artificially intelligent quarterfinals performance of “Nessun Dorma,” and this week, 

MetaPhysic further curried the judges’ favor by including Uncanny Valley fembot facsimiles of Heidi and Sofia Vergara as backup 

But Sofia and Heidi aren’t what gave MetaPhysic the edge this week.

 For their final number, MetaPhysic made good on their promise to digitally resurrect “the greatest rock act ever,”