An Uber driver in New York saw a building on fire. He stopped his ride to save lives.

A seemingly normal day of Uber driving turned into quite the heroic one for a Brooklyn man; just after starting a ride on Aug. 17, driver Fritz Sam drove

by an enflamed building and stopped the ride to help, all the while getting his passenger to the airport on time.

Fritz Sam, 54, started his day around 7 a.m. His passenger, writer Jemimah James Wei, was his second of the day and on her way to LaGuardia Airport.

The two were chatting when about five minutes into the ride, Sam noticed people off to the side standing on a staircase,

looking on and recording. Some were in pajamas, and one in particular had a haunting facial expression that stood out to him.

He initially thought there was a fight, but then he looked up toward the top of the building and saw fire coming out of a window.

He pulled over, asked Wei if she'd mind him getting out to check it out, and then went to help.

He asked people in the crowd whether 911 was called, and if anyone was still inside. People were inside, someone told him, so he knew he had to act fast.

Sam's passenger, Wei, later tweeted about the save. "On the way to the airport this morning and drove by a burning building,"