The 2022 NFL season is finally here.

The last seven months is about to be rendered moot as the NFL transitions from being played in print to being played on the gridiron.

Part of the game with words involves power rankings,

which can be like the oil pressure gauge on a 1987 Monte Carlo SS: maybe it’s accurate, maybe not,

The Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills kickoff the 2022 season on Thursday night

The watch in Seattle all year will be to see if Pete Carroll pulls a Bum Phillips and just resigns in the middle of the year

The Bears are retooling their roster, and rookie coach Matt Eberflus is laying the foundation to be competitive eventually. 

Second-year quarterback Justin Fields will take his lumps, but the hope is they stay out of the thirties in power rankings

The defense is also going through a retooling period.

The Panthers are going with Baker Mayfield, and Matt Rhule is putting his faith in new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo.