The Caribou is a wild species of deer often called reindeer when domesticated

They belong to a large group of hoofed ungulate mammals called artiodactyl

Caribou can also be seen in sub arctic boreal forests during migration

where they take refuge in windy coastal areas from flies and mosquitoes.

CARIBOU DESCRIPTION The caribou is well adapted to its environment. 

Caribous are large even toed mammals that measure 1.2 – 2.2 metres (4 – 7.25 feet) in length

Caribous have long legs and wide, flat hooves which act like snowshoes

CARIBOU HABITAT Caribou habitats include arctic tundra regions, sub arctic boreal forests and mountainous habitats.

CARIBOU DIET Caribous are herbivores and their preferred diet is tundra plant matter including leaves, twigs, moss and lichen known as reindeer moss.

CARIBOU BEHAVIOUR Caribou undertake one of the most grueling animal migrations of any other terrestrial mammal.