There was a mixed reaction for Oregon Duck fans when former Auburn quarterback Bo Nix announced that he was packing his bags 

for Eugene and joining the Ducks via the transfer portal on December 19 of last year.

The reactions were understandable and justified, of course. I mean…this was Bo Nix,

the same quarterback who briefly derailed Oregon’s 2019 season as a freshman by upsetting Justin Herbert and the Ducks in the opener.

After that, the Auburn prodigy’s career faced a lot of ups and downs. He briefly showed flashes of brilliance,

 bringing back memories of that SEC Freshman of the Year season.

More often, though, he cobbled together anti-highlights, making it easy for nicknames like “Bo Pix” or “Bad Bo” to be thrust upon him.

The Bo Nix experience was on full display for the Ducks against Washington State.

 It featured one of the best games of his career — 428 yards and 3 TD on 33-of-44 (75%) passing. 

It also featured one of the worst throws he’s ever made — a telegraphed pick-six that went 98-yards in the opposite direction for the Cougars