The New York Giants are gearing up for their season opener in less than five days.

On the road against a very good Tennessee Titans team that has seen success under head coach Mike Vrable,

, the Giants face tall task. It’s not just that Tennessee is a good team,

the Giants have a lot of new faces, an entirely new scheme and a plethora of injuries.

One of the biggest obstacles the Giants face on Sunday is Titans running back Derek Henry.

Some have written Henry off after injuring his foot, but it was the first major injury of his career,

and at 28-years-old, he still has plenty left in the tank. “It’s well documented what he’s done so far.

He’s just a really good football player. I know him as a person, too. I met him down a few times in Alabama.

Got a ton of respect for him as a man and certainly as a player. He’s one heck of a player.