On this day in Boston Celtics history, former point guard Demetrius Jackson was born in South Bend, Indiana, in 1994

Jackson play collegiately for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The Indiana native was drafted by the Celtics with the 45th pick of the 2016 NBA draft, 

 he signed with the team on July 27 of that year.

He spent most of his sole season with Boston shuttling back and forth between the Celtics and the Maine Red Claws

he worked on his game in the hopes of securing a longer-term deal.

The team cut Jackson the following summer. He averaged 2 points per game at the NBA level with Boston.

Jackson shares his birthday with ex-Boston big man Jack Hewson,

A graduate of Temple University, Hewitt was a member of the Celtics in its Basketball Association of America days,

A big man born in 1942 in Framingham, Massachusetts, Kimball was drafted 26th in the 1965 NBA draft by the Celtics,