We do not talk about explorers much these days. The stories of Columbus, Magellan, Sir Edmund Hillary

Shackleton, Perry, Armstrong, and Aldrin may still dazzle us,

but these days it's more about scientists sending technology, not humans,

Mount Everest was a front-page story of astonishing accomplishment in 1953

we might not believe it but for this new documentary, simply called

“Explorer.” Ranulph Fiennes, as he would prefer to be called, was born the 3rd Baronet of Banbury, full name

Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, with the title “Sir.”

It is touching to see Fiennes, who is almost a parody of the strong, silent hero,

The Golden Journey to Samarkand, “always a little further,” cannot get him to move forward

one of the most terrifying adventures of all. He becomes a father. Now available on digital platforms.