Finnish PM Sanna Marin tests negative for drugs after 'wild' dance party video surface

The drug test taken by Finland’s prime minister last week found no traces of any illegal substances, officials in Helsinki said Monday.

“No narcotics were found in the prime minister’s drug test,” the Finnish government said 

in a brief statement on Monday night, adding that more details on the test would be available soon.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced Friday that she had taken the voluntary drug test at her own expense to prove she did not use 

illicit narcotics after a video surfaced online showing her dancing at a “wild” party with her friends. 

In the video posted to social media, Marin, 36, is seen dancing and singing with five other people — including the Finnish singer Alma — in a private home. 

At one point in the footage, she is seen on her knees with her arms behind her head while lip-synching to a song. It’s unclear when the party took place. 

Marin, who became Finland’s youngest-ever prime minister when she was elected in 2019, said she was “disappointed” 

that the footage became public, but maintained she did nothing wrong.