Marquette King is making it known: Call him, Buffalo Bills.

Following the release of rookie Matt Araiza, the Bills are in need

King hasn’t kicked in the NFL since 2018 but he still wants a shot.

King took notice of Buffalo’s situation. Soon after, he dropped a series of messages on his social media account via Twitter stating

he wants nothing more than a chance to return to the NFL with the Bills.

The 33-year-old is well-known despite not playing in the league for the past few years.

A second-team All-Pro in 2014, King was one of the first punters in the league to show his swag.

After a solid punt, King often would bust a move on the field and make it known he was pumped up.

More recently than his NFL days,

King returned to football with the XFL in 2020 but has not kicked since.