something a bit more explosive and chaotic is coming to town with Fire with Fire week.

this involves setting a lot of things on fire and generally causing mayhem all over the island.

There are unvaulted weapons, items with boosted spawn rates, and a new set of challenges to complete.

This event starts September 7 at 9am ET and will run until September 13 at 9am ET.

During that time the Firefly Jars will have a very high spawn rate anywhere items are normally found.

The main event is the two unvaulted weapons.

the first Bow weapon to be available in Fortnite for a good while

Second is the Dragon’s Breath Shotgun which, unsurprisingly, fires incendiary bullets at a target.

This week comes with a bunch of challenges that involve using these weapons and items in some way

although those challenges are yet to be revealed