'Girl In The Picture's Franklin Floyd Eventually Married The Girl He Kidnapped

This year has already been chock full of mesmerizing and terrifying true crime documentaries, from Keep Sweet

Pray and Obey to The Staircase to Our Father. But there's more coming down the pipeline.

Netflix just released its newest true crime documentary, Girl in the Picture

which details the disturbing crimes of Franklin Delano Floyd

a man who has been linked to murder and kidnapping. The story is so complicated

The documentary looks at evidence collected against Floyd with input from investigative journalists and authorities

who worked on the case. And the doc itself is inspired by the book

A Beautiful Child: A True Story of Hope, Horror, and an Enduring Human Spirit

which was written by an investigative journalist who did a deep-dive into Floyd's history

and specifically the mystery surrounding the death and mysterious identity of a woman named Sharon Marshall

There’s a lot to unpack in this twisted story, which premiered on July 6

and it’s understandable to have a lot of questions about what actually took place and where Floyd is now

Franklin Delano Floyd is a 79-year-old man who is currently on death row for several crimes