Before you hit up Giveon's Give or Take tour and your balloons get deflated

the soulful R&B singer has just one PSA for fans: He cannot sing his entire discography.

I just want to say if there's someone who's going to read this interview, and before they come to the show

I only have so many songs in the set," Giveon joke

They want me to have every single song I've ever made. I'm like, how is that possible? I would literally be singing forever.

So if you're reading this, sorry if your favorite song isn't in it.

Though the Long Beach, California, native released his first single in 2018, 

it was 2020's "Heartbreak Anniversary" that catapulted Giveon to commercial success – a ballad intense enough to make a car full of grown women cry singing along

Now he's touring in support of his album "Give or Take," performing 46 shows in a little more than two months.

Fresh off two sold-out shows in New York's Radio City Music Hall, Giveon talks to USA