Hitting in Baseball Is at a Low Point, But There Are Reasons for Optimism

The most notable league-wide trend so far this year is the lack of offense

Yes, hitting has picked up some since the first month, when the league batting average was a putrid .231.

But that was expected to happen as the weather got warmer. For the most part, though

things are looking pretty bleak for those of you who want your baseball to come with a lot of offense.

The league batting average is .242, which would be the lowest single-season mark since 1967 (also .242)

and the fourth worst of all time. On-base percentage is the worst it’s been (.312) in 50 years.

Maybe low batting averages and on-base percentages aren’t all that surprising to you

After all, teams are now built around home runs, slugging percentage and that all-or-nothing approach