Usually around 3 in the morning. Austin Butler would wake up in a cold sweat and sick to his stomach. 

 he knew the only cure was to get back to the alchemic task of turning into Elvis Presley

Butler would cue up an old Elvis interview or performance, and work to internalize the voice, the walk, the man, the myth.

“The feeling was strong, like, am I going to fail, am I going to let everyone down?” Butler, 30, tells USA TODAY

“So I redefined that feeling. I called it ‘free energy.’ I didn’t need coffee. I had that.”

“I wasn’t ready," Butler says. "And then suddenly, production shut down and I had six more months to rehearse

 I started to feel like it was me living with it every day

Hanks has nothing but praise for his young co-star

“I don’t think he had a day off, in years,” says Hanks, a two-time Oscar winner.

That meant Butler would be scrutinized by billions of Elvis fans worldwide