No caddie has enjoyed his winning flag quite like Ted Scott posted a video of himself with the 18th-hole flag and pole

Jim “Bones” Mackay was on the bag for his sixth major at the PGA Championship in May,

 but this flag likely means the most to him and will get top-shelf status

 there was England’s Billy Foster, who finally tasted victory at a major after 40 years on the bag and kissed the flag

New Zealand’s Sam Pinfold made off with both a Players Championship and British Open flag this year working for Aussie Cameron Smith.

“As a youngster watching golf tournaments on TV in Japan, I saw that it is a tradition for caddies to take home the 18th-green flag,” Hayafuji says.

 it was the natural thing for me to bow and show respect for the Masters.

Every week on virtually every tour, the winning caddie grabs the flag on 18.

It has become the caddie’s trophy, as much of a ritual as players removing their hats and shaking hands after the round.

“But it’s a cool tradition, a huge reward and a special thing. Whoever started it, I’m grateful for it.”says Scott,