“I Came By,” a mostly effective potboiler that has the opposite problem of so many mini-series on the streaming

Thrillers are all about tension, but Anvari, the fascinating filmmaker behind the excellent “Under the Shadow”

and bonkers “Wounds,” keeps struggling with the balance between social commentary

and old-fashioned genre thrills, mostly losing his hold on the latter.

However, this is not quite that movie as Toby doesn’t get into a battle of wills with Blake. “I Came By” 

shifts protagonists here to Toby’s mother (Kelly Macdonald), 

who grows increasingly concerned that her 23-year-old son has disappeared off the face of the earth.

“I Came By” is undeniably well-composed and entertaining enough for its missteps to be overlooked most of the time

Yes, it’s a rewrite short of greatness,but Bonneville makes it worth a visit even if its final

needle drop over the credits is indicative of its shallowness.  On Netflix now.