New York Giants co-owner John Mara has been accused of many things.

This year, Mara is letting go of the reins and putting them into the hands of first-year general manager Joe Schoen

who already has positive things to say about his new boss and the 360 degree communication flow

The advantage is that (Mara) is in the building every day. He’s present

In every move that we make, we kind of tell him what we’re thinking and the why, and he’s a good sounding board.

He’s got a lot of experience. He has let Dabes and I do our job,  and we keep him in the loop,

Patience is going to be the key here for Mara. The Giants are in Year 1 of another new regime

They are in the throes of the worst losing stretch in their nine and half decades of existence. 

The Giants have had losing seasons in eight of the last nine years and fans are getting antsy,

wondering when this franchise is finally going to emerge from the high weeds.