Zach Cregger didn’t initially plan on writing a full movie

after being inspired by reading Gavin de Becker’s 1997 “survival signals” book The Gift of Fear

Cregger tells us during a virtual press day for Barbarian  the buzzy new horror film that exercise eventually led him to writing.

Like little subtle things men can do that could be indicative of a predator

Injecting a light sexual comment into an otherwise non-sexual conversation

There’s a lot of little things that women just constantly have to be tracking.”

So Cregger wrote a scene where he could “ruminate” on a scenario in which a woman faces all of these red flags and more

opening scene for Barbarian: A young research assistant arrives at an AirBnB in a sketchy Detroit neighborhood late at night

“I definitely related to some of that,” says Campbell. 

It'd be too spoilery to reveal much more than the above, but we can say Justin Long also eventually shows up as the house’s owner