Lies of P, Round 8 Studio’s gothic action game, received a brand new trailer

at Gamescom Opening Night Live, and instantly became one of the show’s standouts.

Lies of P made an impact because it evokes Bloodborne in almost every way. 

But these are minor aspects that can be adjusted in time for launch

The gameplay, the environments, the enemies, the weapons, the atmosphere – it is unmistakably Bloodborne

“inspired” by it to the point of openly mimicking it. And that’s honestly fine, as long as it can stick the landing.

After playing Lies of P at Gamescom 2022, in what is undoubtedly an early state considering its unspecified 2023 release date

it’s probably fair to say that it hasn’t quite stuck the landing yet, but it just might be up to snuff in time for next year.

The fact is, a game taking this much inspiration from such a popular title can’t avoid comparisons for long.

Regardless of how much inspiration it’s taking though, Lies of P has the potential to be a really good gothic action game