A man charged in the deaths of his live-in girlfriend and her son,

whose dismembered bodies were discovered in central Alabama after a 12-year-old girl escaped captivity in a rural mobile home

Prosecutors revealed the statements in a motion that asked a judge to order the man to provide a DNA sample for comparison with evidence found at the home 

Defense attorneys appointed to represent Pascual-Reyes did not immediately return an email seeking comment Wednesday

Jailed without bond on charges including capital murder, kidnapping and corpse abuse

Pascual-Reyes has yet to enter a plea. He could be sentenced to death if convicted

Authorities found remains of the two after a girl escaped a home 

 investigators said she was held against her will for days at the same location where her mother and brother were killed and dismembered.

The girl was taken captive in the mobile home around the time of the killings, authorities have said.

The mobile home was located near Dadeville, about 60 miles (97 kilometers) northeast of Montgomery.