10:31 a.m. is that dreaded time in the morning for many McDonald’s lovers when

if they're craving an Egg McMuffin, they are pretty much out of luck

On Sept. 1, a now-deleted tweet went viral for giving the impression that McDonald’

was bringing back All Day Breakfast nationwide.

NO F---ING WAY,” read the tweet, which showed an image of a real press release from McDonald’s titled “Let There Be Breakfast: McDonald’s Serving All D

All Day Breakfast Starting Oct. 6.” If there’s anything that could unite us as a country, it’s the ever-present hope that one could enjoy hash browns at 

6 p.m., because the tweet was retweeted nearly 25,000 time

and liked almost 150,000 times before it was deleted.

But what this tweet neglected to tell you is that the pre

release is more than five years old.