The New Orleans Saints salvaged their season opener to defeat the Atlanta Falcons through impeccable fourth-quarter play

Taysom Hill, plainly, was the entire offense through three quarters

 He ran in 2 of the team’s 4 total first downs in the first half. 

 New Orleans converted a mere 3 of 11 third down attempts prior to the fourth quarter.

Then Jameis Winston briefly entered the injury tent and proceeded to play the best quarter of his career.

 He amassed 75 passing yards in his first scoring drive.

Winston brought poise under center that had felt absent since Drew Brees retired – doing so with zero turnovers.

 Lutz recorded a 49-yarder in the third quarter and sealed the victory with 19 seconds left on a 51-yard field goal.

There are still questions for the Saints offense, pass protection glaringly so,

but the biggest change from last year is the surety in weapons to stay mentally tough through adverse periods of play.