In true Monday fashion, Paige Spiranac couldn't help but post a video complaining about some of the "dumb" sports rules this morning. 

Spiranac, who's amassed millions of followers on her social media platforms 

shared her biggest frustrations about various sports rules in a new video.

Her complaints start with the handicapped scoring system in golf and ends with her opinion that steroids 

in baseball should be legal. That's not all she has to complain about, though. 

Her controversial sports rules opinions are sparking plenty of debate on Twitter today. 

"The offsides rule in hockey is not a dumb rule," a fan wrote. "It prevents an offensive player just hanging out by the opposing goalie. 

Hocking is a lot more exciting once you understand the offsides rule. Now two line pass, 

maybe you have something there." 

"Not being able to advance a fumble recovery on a muffed punt," another fan commented. "Or onside kick.