Size equality in fashion has come a long way from the days of Abercrombie and Victoria's Secret outwardly shaming those who aren't a size 0.

But the fight for inclusivity isn't over yet.  Fashion reporter Gianluca Russo's debut book, "The Power of Plus: 

Inside Fashion's Size-Inclusivity Revolution" (out now), couples his experiences covering the world of fashion over the past five years with his interview

with dozens of models, influencers, designers and advocates about their own experiences in

the industry. It also outlines the issues plus-size fashion still faces with actionable steps on how to fix them.

"There were so many stories that were untold and that hadn't had their time to shine but that were so impactful on a personal level to me and to other people 

in this community," Russo tells USA TODAY. "I wanted to find a way to celebrate all these

people who have contributed to this size inclusivity revolution over the years." 

“I thought he had great energy, great command all day. I thought he threw the ball incredibly accurately in all parts of the field.

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