The Season of Light has begun, bringing into play the Pokémon Cosmog with a season Special Research story

Psychic Spectacular returns for its second edition in 2022.

The highlight of the event is the debut of Mega Alakazam, along with numerous other Psychic-type spawns,

The first Spotlight Hour in September 2022 has the sleepy Munna in tow

For 50 Candy, the pink meatball will evolve into Musharna

As a bonus, the event doubles any Stardust rewards for catching Pokémon.

Since Niantic has corrected the error that caused only the Normal form of Deoxys to show up in the promised Shiny variant,

All four forms of the alien Pokémon await battle in the hour-long event at all available gyms.

Season 12 of the GO Battle League has brought a balance patch and a fresh schedule with numerous formats. 

he Great League runs for another week, but the Psychic Cup replaces the Mini Jungle Cup Remix in the coming week