Predator first arrived in June 1987, it was an Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle through and through 

part of his hit string of post-Terminator action films that invariably featured the musclebound Austrian actor quipping  

his way through a succession of wholesale beatdowns. But in Predator, while Arnold and his heavily-armed squad do annihilate  

“Stick around” is the bit best remembered – the film quickly flipped the action movie script to make the brash hunters the wary prey. 

It also established one of science fiction’s more intriguing intergalactic villains 

People just dug the Predator. And it stuck around long after Arnold exited the franchise.  

So what did the Predator species get up to after the events of the first film? Plenty.  

1990’s Predator 2 moved the action to 1997 Los Angeles. In Predators (2010), Adrien Brody was hunted by the creatures in an interplanetary version of “The Most Dangerous Game.” 

And a Predator is on the hunt again this Friday in Prey, a franchise prequel set to drop on Hulu. 

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