Rafael Devers says David Ortiz’s compliments are ‘huge honor,’ wants to follow his footsteps by retiring with Boston Red Sox

Rafael Devers grew up in the Dominican Republic as a fan of the Red Sox

so to say he was honored by David Ortiz gushing over him on a Zoom call with reporters would be an understatement.

Speaking a week before he’s enshrined into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown

Ortiz called Devers “invincible” and “one of the top three pure hitters” in the majors today

Ortiz said Devers reminded of himself and even urged the Red Sox to lock up the star third baseman

Devers heard those comments and was still in awe more than 24 hours later standing at his locker at Yankee Stadium.

“It was fascinating to see him talking about me in the way that he did...

We know what he means for baseball and for the Dominican Republic,”