Blue Heelers and Red Heelers are both Australian Cattle Dogs

Both Blue and Red Heelers have white speckling, tan patches, and sometimes a cute white patch on their head known as the “Bentley.”

Comparing Red Heeler vs Blue Heeler The only difference between the Red Heeler and Blue Heeler is their color. Blue Heelers are dark in color with blue-black fur, while Red Heelers are primarily an orange-brown color.

Size There is no size difference between the Red and Blue Heelers. However, there is a height difference between males and females. While females measure 17-19 inches, males are 18-20 inches tall.

Appearance They’re compact in appearance, with short legs compared to their long backs, a mid-length snout, and round, soulful eyes. Their ears stand upright naturally.

Temperament Heelers are protective, energetic, and intelligent. They were bred to herd livestock, have a strong hunting instinct, and love to run!

Grooming Australian Cattle Dogs have a short double coat that sheds moderately and requires weekly brushing.

These grooming sessions will take longer due to the increased shed, and you’ll likely notice more fur around your house as well that’ll need cleaning!

Lifespan:13-15 year

Blue Heelers can have these markings on the head. Red Heelers should have even coloration throughout the body, including the undercoat.