Australian Shepherds are considered one of the funniest and most loyal breeds, but only a few people know that the active dog can come in different coat shades.  

Although most Australian Shepherds have a Black and Blue solid coat, some can have a red merle shading instead. 

Red Merle Australian Shepherds are just like other Aussies, apart from the obvious coat difference. The red coat is considered a unique coat color because it relies on a different set of genetics.  

So, the Red Merle Australian Shepherd may be perfect for you if you love the classic Aussies but want a dog that stands out from the pack. 

Red merle australian shepherd Height:18 – 23 inchesWeight:40 – 65 pounds Lifespan:12 – 14 years 

Colors:Golden red with patches of white and dark brown Suitable for:Active families who want a big dog that thinks it’s a lap dog Temperament:Loving, affectionate, active, intelligent, protective  

Red Merle Australian Shepherd Puppies – Before You Buy… Red Merle Australian Shepherds are very active and energetic dogs. If you are thinking about getting one, 

know that you must dedicate a lot of time and energy towards the dog.  From the time it is a puppy to when it is an adult, the dog will need training and rigorous exercise. 

And when we say always by your side, we mean always. Red Merle Australian Shepherds are known for being very clingy and needy when it comes to attention. If you know that you do not have the time or energy to devote to your Aussie daily,  

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