‘She-Hulk’ Star Tatiana Maslany Reveals the Scene She Couldn’t Get Through and Her ‘Seinfeld’ Inspiration

Tatiana Maslany knows from playing multiple roles on the same TV series. From 2013 to 2017, she embodied over a dozen clones on the sci-fi series “Orphan Black,” and won an Emmy for it in the process. 

On the new Marvel Studios series “She-Hulk: Attorney at Large,” however, Maslany tackled a new challenge 

Transforming from the capable-if-neurotic Los Angeles lawyer Jennifer Walters into her green, six-foot-seven alter-ego known as She-Hulk 

Maslany worked with director and executive producer Kat Coiro, creator and head writer Jessica Gao,  

and fellow Hulk and co-star Mark Ruffalo (who plays Jennifer’s cousin, Bruce Banner) to bring She-Hulk to life. 

She talked with Variety about the technical challenges of the show, the scene she could barely get through, 

and why her biggest inspirations were “Legally Blonde” and “Seinfeld.” 

What was the pitch to you about this role in the show? The pitch was basically the pilot script that I read when I got the audition. What struck me about it was that it was just so unexpected.

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