last year, Haley Floyd realized her third-grade daughter was struggling to read sight words like “friends”

Her daughter heads into fourth grade in School District this week,she is worried she’s behind

Floyd works and couldn’t supervise at-home learning as much as she would have liked.

Her daughter took part in some virtual school while childcare,where she had to wear a mask

Floyd fears that made it difficult for teachers to watch her daughter’s lips and correct her reading form

Several national data sets show that school closures and a move to distance learning dealt students yawning setbacks in reading 

Floyd tapped into savings this summer to pay for a $65-an-hour reading tutor once a week

she couldn’t afford the twice-a-week sessions the tutor recommended. Her daughter dreads the hour-long lessons

Schools are offering near-normal learning conditions after more than two years impacted by COVID-19 disruptions

students and teachers will still be navigating the need for a huge academic catch-up.