On Thursday night, the Pittsburgh Steelers let another win slip away and find themselves 1-2 after a 29-17 loss to the Cleveland Browns.

The first half of last night’s game had everyone excited for Mitch Trubisky and the offense.

 But in the second half the bottom fell out and we saw Trubisky fall back into the trends of the first two games. 

Through three games, Trubisky is only averaging 5.5 yards per attempt which is bad even by Steelers passing standards

It was incredibly refreshing to see Najee Harris moving like an NFL running back on Thursday night.

 Harris’ game is predicated on momentum and when he stops his feet and tries those jump cuts

he gives up any advatage he has against the defense. But Harris’ best runs on Thursday were downhill with quick cuts and always going forward.

Another high point from the game was the play of the offensive line.

There were lanes to run through, the run game was effecient when utilized and pass protection was rock solid for much of the game

The drop off of the Steelers pass rush has been disappointing but not unexpected since T.J. Watt was injured.